Trusted Firmware-A Tests Documentation

The Trusted Firmware-A Tests (TF-A-Tests) is a suite of baremetal tests to exercise the Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) features from the Normal World. It enables strong TF-A functional testing without dependency on a Rich OS. It mainly interacts with TF-A through its SMC interface.

It provides a basis for TF-A developers to validate their own platform ports and add their own test cases.

Getting started

Get the TF-A Tests source code from

See content under the Getting Started chapter for instructions on how to install, build and use the TF-A Tests.

See Framework Design for information on how the TF-A Tests work internally.

See content under the Porting chapter for information about how to use this software on another Armv8-A platform.

See content under the Process chapter for information on how to contribute to this project.

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