Feature Overview

This page provides an overview of the current TF-A Tests feature set. The Change Log & Release Notes document provides details of changes made since the last release.

Current Features

The following TF-A features are currently tested to some extent (this list is not exhaustive):

These tests are not a compliance test suite for the Arm interface standards used in TF-A (such as PSCI).

They do not cover 100% of the TF-A code. The fact that all tests pass does not mean that TF-A is free of bugs.

They are not reference code. They should not be considered as the official way to test hardware/firmware features. Instead, they are provided as example code to experiment with and improve on.

Still to come

  • Additional tests

  • Support for new platforms

  • Design improvements

  • Stability improvements

  • Enhancements to the test framework to make it easier to implement tests

  • Fixes for known issues (detailed in Change Log & Release Notes)

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